About Us
Dandy Cichlids Ltd is run by a "hobbiest" first and foremost. The company was set up in 2012 after 20 years of experience in the hobby and business, some of you might remember me from Aqua Blue Zaire UK Ltd of which I was a partner. We have been importing African cichlids from Germany, Holland and Belgium for many years now and have a continually growing group of satisfied customers.
Our Mission...
"Our aim is to provide the best quality African cichlids and advice to all hobbyists, from beginners to the more experienced."
Our Products...
Are the best African Rift Cichlids possible, they are personally hand picked from all the top European importers and quarantined before sale.


All fish arrived safely the other day, Thank You
Aaron, Norfolk
Dan - very good fish, thank you
Jaroslaw , Hull
Thanks Dan, they are lovely
Jp Roberts, Chesterfield
All fish have arrived safe and Packaged well. Excellent Service, Quality Fish with no hassle delivered to your door. The best Importer I have used
Dave, Suffolk
Loved the fish, top quality
Trevor, Dornoch
Drove down and was welcomed and even had a cuppa, the fish were excellent, and as usual I bought too much.
Bob, Aberdeen